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About Lori Fisher

About Lori Fisher

Lori Fisher, founder of
Hair Stylist & Makeup: J’Hanna Appleby, Queen’s Beauty Boutique Photographer: Jehan Daugherty, Jehan Inc. Photography

Lori Fisher is a marketing and recruiting expert.  She is dedicated to helping stylists and barbers connect with new clients. She has worked as an entrepreneur and in the corporate business world for 22 years.  Mrs. Fisher is a consultant to many small businesses across the nation and enjoys sharing her experiences, tips and advice for success.  In 2013, she re-launched her dream. is a website and mobile app that promotes the work of newly licensed professionals as well as top industry veterans.

In 1999, Lori started her first business.  She didn’t have a lot of money to invest in the business, much less for marketing and growing it.  She soon discovered that trying to reach a large group of consumers was costly and not always effective. Like many small businesses, she failed miserably at marketing to the right audience and was near bankruptcy. She took some time off to regroup and focus on finding what really works.  Finally, after doing years of extensive research on effective marketing strategies, Lori reinvented her brand.  Lori Fisher focused on helping beauty professionals succeed.  Most of all, she wants them to avoid the pitfalls she had experienced along the way.

Dedication to Success

Lori Fisher is committed to helping salon professionals grow their business.  She believes they should be able to showcase their work on any budget.  So, she developed to provide a complete marketing solution to the beauty industry.  The website includes a salon profiles from stylists nationwide.  Each stylist receives their own webpage to showcase their talent.  There are also downloadable salon marketing tools.  The community blog provides a forum for member stylists and barbers to post and share their expertise.  In addition, the mobile app features a photo gallery of the latest hairstyles and trends shared by app users.

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