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The Business of Barbering

Contrary to what many people believe, the barbering is more than just cutting hair or a quick hustle. It’s a trade profession.  As the oldest trade, it needs to be operated as a incomparable entreprenuerial career & valuable venture.

Barbering as a Trade Profession

Barbers, as a whole, are known for poor recordkeeping and bad financial management. Tune in to this broadcast of Barberzone Radio as your host, Chevez Moman, discusses how to operate a profitable and successful barbering business that attracts and keeps clients coming back. Hear advice from other barber industry trade professionals and further your business.

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Barbers who are looking to attract new clients can find a variety of resources on our website.  Looking to grow your business?  BestDooz offers a variety of marketing tools designed for busy barbers and stylists.

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