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Boosting Client Referrals

It’s not who you know, but Who Knows YOU!

Words can speak volumes to generate client referrals.  Your clients are walking billboards for your work.  Their words about your service, however, are what really matter.

If every client is completely satisfied, they’ll gladly share their experience and the beautiful results.  Asking happy clients to write a review or tag you in a selfie should be relatively easy.  Acquiring ratings on your BestDooz Promo Page encourages potential clients to book with you.  By asking your clients to share their experience, you can boost client referrals and confirm your service is meeting expectations at the same time.

Just Ask for Client Referrals

Never assume that your client is happy.  Even if you’ve been servicing them for years, it is important to ask them every time they sit in your chair.  Asking open-ended questions like, “What can I do to improve on the experience you had today?” You’ll get better response and feedback.  If you sense any hesitation in their response, you can ask more questions and dig deeper into your client’s perceptions.

How to Boost Client Referrals

Here are three simple steps to generate more buzz for your biz.

  1.  Confirm your client is completely satisfied with their service. If so, then provide them with at least 2 of your business cards.  Encourage them to keep one and to give one to a friend.  During each future visit, provide them with an additional business card to share with someone new.
  2. Consider running a contest or promotion to reward your clients for referrals.  Offer a discount for bringing a friend, but only for a limited period of time.  This promotes a sense of urgency and can help increase appointements booked quickly.  Loyalty Rewards is a virtual rewards program that allows you to reward clients for repeat visits right from their mobile device.
  3. Don’t Neglect Your Own Presentation.  One of the most effective salon marketing tools for a stylist or barber is their own hair.  Your personal appearance should have potential clients stopping in their tracks to inquire.  Remember, YOU ARE YOUR BRAND.

Marketing Tools Designed for You

Connect with new clients
Salon Marketing made easy.
Our salon marketing tools are designed with busy hair stylists and barbers in mind. Thousands of people search the web and find BestDooz to connect with a licensed professional.  BestDooz makes it easy for new clients to find you.