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3 Ways You Could Be Damaging Your Brand

It is important to always have your business cards handy so you’re ready for the next opportunity when it arises. During the Ohio Hair Symposium this past weekend, I had the chance to network and exchange business cards with a number of salon professionals, educators, cosmetology students and vendors.

5 Ways You Could be Hurting Your BrandThe way you present yourself (your brand) can help expand your network but it could also be damaging it. Here’s 3 ways your business card could be damaging your brand.

 Missing Tagline

A tagline is a quick way to associate what you do with your name and image.  In addition to a logo, a tagline can be an effective way to let potential clients know your specialties.  If you don’t have a tagline, consider a quick sentence or phrase that summarizes your services.  Be careful not to select a trendy tagline.  You want something that you can stick with.  Less trendy options will ensure longevity and relevance as styles and trends change over time.

Consider a jingle like ours to really grab attention.

Multiple Contact Points

Presenting your brand and your information clearly is key.  Trying to cram all your contact information on a small square can be nearly impossible.  You should consider at least two methods of contact on your business card.  You can decide if that is a phone number, email or web address.

Cluttered Business Card

Of course, your name, phone number and a tagline are a must.  But what about your address, Facebook page, Twitter handle, and email address?  This doesn’t even begin to cover what you do, your hours, and how to book an appointment.  Listing your social media links while showcasing your artistic ability can make your business card look so cluttered that the tagline and contact information is lost.

Less is More

Limiting the information on your card is therefore more appealing and effective in grabbing attention.  You can direct potential clients to more detailed information online and maintain the visual appeal and design of your card.  5 Ways You Could be Damaging Your Brand

In our book, ‘Using Technology to Grow Your Salon‘, we highlight the key components that should be included in each of your social media profiles.  These same rules apply to your business cards.

Avoid Damaging Your Brand

Having a single webpage where you can give a more complete description of your services and links to all your social media profiles is best.  Stylists and barbers listed in the Salon Directory get their own webpage to promote their business on and off the web.

Tell us how you balance information on your business card.  Join the conversation in the Beauty Forum.

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