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The Importance of Diagnosing Hair Loss

The Importance of Diagnosing Hair Loss

This story may sound familiar to those who have experienced some type of hair loss.  One day you notice a small patch of hair is missing; weeks go by and you notice a couple of more patches of hair have left.  What could be causing this loss of hair?  Well there could be a number of factors and it’s best to seek the help of a medical professional at the first sign of hair loss.Hair Loss - The Importance of Diagnosis

Proper blood tests can determine if there’s an underlying medical condition.   Factors that can contribute to hair loss stem from illness, hormonal issues, medications, excessive stress and dietary changes.  You may not realize that becoming a vegetarian can contribute to hair loss.  When you become a vegetarian, you definitely need to substitute the animal protein you were once eating for a clean protein choice, i.e., protein shakes or other protein sources and take a high-quality multivitamin.  If you have gone through a series of vaccinations, this too can be problematic and contribute to alopecia.

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Have you been prescribed a new medication?  Medications such as Warfarin, antidepressants and many others can cause issues.   A recent study conducted by using a cooling system to curb hair loss in patients undergoing cancer treatment has proven beneficial for women who were concerned about losing their hair.  This cooling system allowed the scalp to remain cool alleviating high body temperatures.  The women in this study were able to maintain 70-80% of their hair.

Whatever the cause behind a person’s hair loss, it needs to be addressed quickly and treated properly.


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