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Is Your Facebook Page Beyond Reach?

BestDooz on FacebookReaching new clients starts with being visible.  I make it a habit to search for my name and websites in the major search engines.  It is a good way to verify you can be discovered by potential clients.  You might be surprised to see that your Facebook profile sometimes appears higher in the results than your own website.


Can potential clients find your Facebook Page?

If you do “Google” or “Bing” your name and don’t see results on the first page, here’s 3 simple ways to boost your exposure:

Can potential clients find you? Use your Facebook Page to attract more of them

  1. Update your social media profiles regularly – The search engines regularly sweep social media sites and update what appears in the search results.  Make sure your profiles are complete with details about your services.  If possible, include appropriate link(s) to your website or other contact info.
  2.  Link to all your social media profiles.  Hopefully, you’re already posting on at least two platforms.  You want to encourage followers to follow you on other social sites as well. offers free member profiles to share links to all your social media, photos of your work, and more.
  3. Make sure your profiles are marked ‘public’.  This is one of the biggest mistakes business owners make online.  Your privacy permissions may be preventing more than just trolls lurking on social media.  Consider a public page just for business (with permissions sets to view only).  You can disallow comments and posts to your page on Facebook, for example.
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