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How to Get Perfect Goddess Faux Locs- Tutorial

How to Get Perfect Goddess Faux Locs- TutorialWhen Meagan Good stepped on the scene rocking Lisa Bonet-esque goddess faux locs, we ALL wanted to know who, what and how! One of our favorite vloggers shows us how to recreate the look with a simple tutorial.

Dr. Kari Williams created the style.  She is a Trichologist, salon owner and celebrity stylist.  Her creation has a softer look than we typically get with regular faux locs and is reminiscent of Lisa Bonet’s natural locs.

In her tutorial Donna shows us the simple method she used to achieve these lightweight goddess faux locs.

What Kind of Hair?

The secret to beautiful faux locs is using two different textures of synthetic hair. For your “base”, you would use a wavy texture like the kind you may normally use for crochet braids.

Suggested wavy textures include

  • Freetress Deep Twist
  • Model Model Twin Deep
  • Freetress Loose Deep

To form the actual loc, you might use

  • Janet Collection Afro Marley Hair
  • Femi Marley Braid
  • Sensationnel Synthetic Hair Braids Soft & Silky Afro Twist Braids

Before You Start…

Before installing your locs, make sure your hair is well-moisturized.  You should do this with any protective style. Use the L.O.C. Method of moisturizing.  Start with your hair already damp, apply your leave-in conditioner of choice and then follow with an oil and then a cream.

These goddess faux locs are flexible and light.  They are different from what many have experienced with regular faux locs, making this style idea for warm weather  vacations and beach getaways!
Source:  How to Get Perfect Goddess Faux Locs- Tutorial appeared first on Natural Hair Rules!!!.



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