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How Do You Rock Your Natural?

How Do You Rock Your Natural?

Natural Hair Tee Celebrates Your Style by Asista DesignsHow Do You Rock Your Natural Tee by Asista Designs

This fun and uniquely designed t-shirt represents the different ways African American women wear their hair.

“I came up with the idea for the word search design many years ago,” explains creator, Angie Stanback.  Angie founded Asista Designs based on one of several ideas she had to celebrate African American beauty.   “As an African American woman, I see the many different styles in which we were able to wear our hair, so I figured, why not include this on a shirt?”

We are all unique.  Just like Asista Designs’ unique puzzle.  We should celebrate the beauty of all our different hairstyles.  Angie admits she had seen many different t-shirt designs that focused on ethnic hair, but she had not seen a word search design before.

“Because we are all different, I wanted a design that celebrated the versatility of ethnic hair.  I decided to include the many different ways we are able to wear our hair,” Angie shares.

The challenge became figuring out how to include all of the different styles in a word search that was appealing and fun.

The final product is a quality t-shirt that celebrates your beauty in a unique way.  The black and gray crew neck design is made from 100% heavy duty cotton and fits true to size. It has double stitched seams and is designed and printed in U.S. in Columbus, Ohio.

$20.00 Crew Neck
$22.50 Ladies Fitted V-Neck

“As individuals we are all different, so are the many ways in which we express our natural beauty through hair styles. ” – Angie Stanback, Founder of Asista Designs


Natural Hair Tee by Asista Designs