Why Hypoallergenic Matters in Hair Care

Why Hypoallergenic Matters in Hair CareWomen want to promote healthy hair, and feel they can do so from using the right natural hair products. However, some women may be allergic to certain natural ingredients found in several hair products that are on the market today. Some of the reactions can include headaches, dizziness, sneezing, rashes, etc. However, when there’s a will there’s a way right? There’s a way to minimize chances of an allergic reaction from using natural hair products. Hair products that are hypoallergenic can provide the solution. However, what is hypoallergenic?

The word hypoallergenic is still a term not a lot people know about.  It’s a word that still isn’t popular in the beauty or hair care industry, where other terms or ingredients like “argan oil” or “organic” are currently trending.

According to Webster’s dictionary, hypoallergenic means anything designed to reduce or minimize the possibility of an allergic reaction.  The product may contain few or no potentially irritating substances.  This means during the process of formulation or development, a company carefully selects the type of ingredients or materials that will minimize any type of allergic reaction to the end user.

Now you have an idea about the word hypoallergenic, but maybe wondering its importance when it comes to hair care. Did you know that there are many users that when they apply shampoo to their hair, they start to sneeze, experience headaches, or feel light headed?  In severe cases, they may experience difficulty breathing.  That is because in most hair products on the market, there are synthetic ingredients/chemicals and even natural ingredients can cause an allergic reaction. This is an ongoing problem that many companies fail to address.  Companies are relying on the terms “natural” and “organic” to sell products instead of providing the best solution for the consumer.  So there are many women and men left searching for a hair product that gives them results without side effects.

As a stylist or consumer, you must be proactive with your health.   I cannot stress enough the importance in reading the labels on any product you purchase.  Even if the product is hypoallergenic, natural or organic it doesn’t mean you will not react to an ingredient in the product.  If you know you are allergic to lavender, do not purchase a product that contains lavender.

Now that you are aware of these terms hypoallergenic, natural or organic; which products would you choose?  Well the choice is yours!

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