The online natural hair movement has been around for 20 years now. Natural hair has been one of the Pinterest Top Trends for quite some time.  Taking root in the 90s with trailblazing forums and sites like CurlTalk, Nappturality and MotownGirl, it has blossomed into a digital and real-world natural hair community that is attracting an ever larger share of young black women. And heading into 2017 it’s still going strong. More and more women are opting for natural hair styles and products.

Pinterest Top Trends and Projections for 2017

The Pinterest insights team dug through a ton of data from the past year and identified the top emerging trends.  In its 100 for 2017 report, which projects Pinterest top trends based on user activity, natural hair will continue to be popular in 2017, hailing it as a top 100 trends for the coming year.

This is hardly surprising. And at this point, with a generation behind it, I think it’s safe to say the digital natural hair community is here to stay.
Source: Black Girl Long Hair

Natural hair trends may have started as a trend, but it grown into a movement.  In response manufacturers have also adapted.  They’ve developed hair products designed specifically to cater to the needs of the natural hair community.  Many of these have now taken a prominent place in on retail store shelves. Pinterest top trends are predicting this to continue.

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