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Taking Your Career to the Next Level

How do you rise A Cut Above the Rest? 

Surrounding yourself with successful people is a great way to take your career to the next level. We recently sat down with Al Edmondson, owner of A Cut Above the Rest Barbershop to ask what it really takes to rise a cut above the rest.  Al is a U.S. Army veteran who served in Desert Storm and the Gulf War.  After graduating college, he returned to the community in which he grew up to establish the barber shop.  Al Edmonson A Cut Above the Rest Barbershop

He attributed success and longevity in the industry to these 4 things:

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Your personal opinions and views may be completely different from your clients’.  You don’t have to agree with them, but you do have to have an agreeable personality. It is important remain fair, courteous and respectful at all times.  Many of Al’s clients are diehard fans of his rival team, but he still maintains great relations with them.

“To be a cut above the rest, you must learn to do the little things that make people like you.” – Al Edmondson

Customers are more than just another head,” Al explained.  “You develop strong ties to your clients.  Know their name and something about them.  When you do, you become a part of the fabric of their lives–their family.”


“Cherish a good reputation,” Al shared.   “Ask yourself, ‘What do you want to be known for?'”  It is important to be known as a person who keeps their word and fulfills their obligations.  “This applies to all aspects of your life–personal and professional,” Al notes. “Are you a good father and role model?  What do others say about you?”

Mind your own business and people will trust you.  Criticizing the work of a co-worker to your clients reflects poorly on both of you.  It leads to gossip and can be perceived as disloyal to your employer.


Taking care of you is important,” Al stressed.  “It is important to incorporate exercise and a healthy diet into your routine.”

Free health screenings are hosted monthly at A Cut Above The Rest Barbershop.  The goal is to encourage good health and wellness throughout the local community.  The program is sponsored by Make A Difference. Inc., a non-profit organization that Al founded in 2010.


Getting involved in your local community strengthens your connections and allows you to expand your network.  Al has been committed to ‘making a difference’ in the community for more than 20 years.  He has served on numerous community action committees, boards, and associations.  Many of his community service awards are proudly on display in the barbershop.

Al established The Barber and Beauty Network to allow salon professionals to work together on community service projects.  He invites anyone in the industry to join.


Meet Al Edmondson at the Natural Hair Care & Health Expo on Sunday, November 6, 2016 at 2:30 pm

Columbus Natural Hair Expo

Al Emdonson A Cut Above The Rest Natural Hair Expo

If you’re interested in joining the Barber and Beauty Network, contact Al Edmondson at 614-253-1880.


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