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Is Social Media Hurting Your Salon Business?

Can Social Media Hurt Your Salon Business?

What does Social Media have to do with Salon Success?


In the salon industry, it’s all about image and that’s the reason clients trust you.  So what makes social media any different?  Today millions of people use social media sites to connect, share and socialize with friends, family, and local businesses.  Reaching your ideal client by engaging in their circles will allow you to better understand and meet their needs.

Image is EVERYTHINGIs Social Media Hurting Your Salon Business?

The image you display online, in photos of your work and the posts you share reflect YOUR brand.  Your images, likes and comments send a message to your existing followers but also potential clients.  If you desire a higher-end clientele, you won’t attract them if your social media posts are deemed offensive or unprofessional.  Sure, it’s okay to share funny memes and personal experiences online with family and friends.  Consider creating a professional page strictly for business and professional branding.  That way, you can separate who sees what.

Tip #1:  Private Pages Prevent Proper Promotion of your salon business

Engaging with clients on social media provides valuable insight into their likes, trends, and  habits.  You can reach more ideal clients by targeting others in your area with similar interests and demographics.  Most of the social media platforms offer reports to help you identify your ideal clients and which posts get the best response.

Inaccurate information is the Worst

When is the last time you typed your name into a Google search?  It’s a good idea to see what comes up and to verify the information is accurate.  This is especially important if you have moved locations, changed phone numbers, or no longer have an active website.  A broken link or a link to incorrect information looks poorly on your brand and could be costing you potential clients.

Tip #2: Broken links are the WORST for your brand.  Check to ensure old website links are deleted.

This also applies to your social media profiles.  It’s a good idea to update the information about your business regularly and to verify the proper contact information is publicly displayed and accurate.

Complete Social Media Profiles are a MUST!

The goal of social media is to share information and to develop social and professional contacts. Your ideal clientele and what you offer should be easy to read.  Your profile should also contain a Call to Action (CTA).  The information you detail about your business should suggest an action such as contacting you, booking an appointment, saving your information for later, or encouraging viewers to share it.

Tip #3:  The more detail you give a potential client, the more likely they are to book an appointment.
DON’T EXPECT RESULTS OVERNIGHT.  Promoting your brand on social media is NOT A QUICK FIX SOLUTION FOR GROWTH but rather a LONG TERM strategy for BUILDING YOUR BRAND.  Sure some posts may skyrocket your exposure, but it is the ENGAGEMENT that will keep your followers and take your brand viral.

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Using Social Media to Grow Your Salon Business
Using Technology to Grow Your Salon Business

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