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Social Media Profiles Need Spring Cleaning Too

Finally we’ve made it to Spring!  You may be thinking about what new hair style you want to try or what the trends in color will be for the summer.  You may be cleaning out your closet, or adding new decor in the shop.  But Spring is also the time to think about cleaning up your social media profiles.

Have you switched online booking platforms?

Booking Made Easy for Stylists and Barbers

I’m always on the hunt for top hair stylists and barbers to add to our list of referrals.  I’ve noticed a ton of inactive Styleseat accounts still linked to profiles on Instagram and Facebook, in particular. There’s nothing worse than a broken link that leads nowhere.  Most potential clients searching for a professional will simply move on to find another one who is easily accessible.

Online booking makes it easy for clients to schedule and confirm their appointments.  It also makes recordkeeping easier.  There are tons of affordable options available today.  Not sure which one is best? BestDooz can help you find the right online booking system for your business.

Online Booking: 3 Things Every Stylist Should Consider

Updating your profiles on social media is the easiest way to get more exposure.  Ensuring that your proper location, phone and booking information is correct takes only a few minutes to review.  After all, how can you get more clients, if a potential client can’t reach you?

Reality Check:  Are you Missing Clients?

Social Media Profiles Are Your Brand

Review all your contact information and make it easy for clients to book an appointment and see your work.  You increase visibility and credibility by providing accurate details about your services.  Create  public business pages, clean up your social media profiles, and include a free profile at BestDooz.

Spring Cleaning for Your Social Media Profiles
Social Media Profiles Need Spring Cleaning Too

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