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Split Ends Repaired: True or False?

I recently posted a question on Facebook asking for the best cures for split ends. Thanks to all the salon professionals that weighed in to share their knowledge, experience and advice. Here’s what they said…

What causes split ends?

Many of the stylists shared that the damage begins when the hair lacks moisture and protein. Once the folicle splits, it will eventually continue to do so upward towards the scalp, causing further damage. Regular conditioning treatments and trimming keeps your hair healthy.

 Best Ways to Rid Split EndsTrue or False? Cutting is the only cure for split ends.

The overwhelming response was “True”. The only way to rid your hair of split ends and prevent further damage is to remove them.  A few stylists noted, however, that you can manage and trim them gradually.

“You can treat them to make them harder to split upwards further,” shares Brandi Murphy.  “The hair will all split and break but if you do a slew of treatments, you can keep your hair long enough to retain length until you have to trim it.”

5 Reasons Your Products Do Not Work

What about products promising to repair split ends?How to Comb Kinky, 4C Hair Without Pain of Split Ends

The stylists replied that there are products available that can help restore moisture to your hair. The majority of stylists chimed in to confirm, however, the only way to truly “repair” them is to trim them off.

“I use a silicone based shampoo which has a protective coat that seals and repairs the split ends, hinted Nikki Allen.  “Sometimes I will do a trim and not totally cut all of the ends so the trim will not take away from the length of the hair.”

Sweat Does Your Hair Good

I’ve seen so many products claiming to “repair” split ends, but after the feedback from professionals, I realize that products can only minimize further damage and prolong the inevitable trim.

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