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Sweat Does Hair Good

Working Out Equals Healthier Hair - LaTanya Settles Fit for LifeNew Season, New You

So as we approach Spring, have you thought about that new hair style you want to rock for the summer?  Have you thought about the color that would make you stand out from everyone else?  I know I have.  I’ve been growing my hair out natural for over 5 years.  It seems that every year and every time I go back to the salon, I always want something new & different.   I whine to my hair stylist that I want bigger, softer, curlier hair (Blah, Blah, Blah).  Then she asks, “Have you been doing everything you can to get healthier hair?”

Working Out Equals Healthier Hair

This became a big topic in the beauty shop. “Do you think working out helps you to have healthier hair?” Well as a Personal and Group Trainer,  I told her,” Yes, I believe working out can make a difference in having strong healthy hair.”  Let me explain why.

When we workout,  blood circulation increases throughout your body.  The increased blood flow brings more nutrients and more oxygen throughout your body.  This provides nourishment to the hair roots, and thereby promotes healthy hair growth.

Exercising is comparable to the effects of a scalp oil massage. Both can increase the blood flow.  But there is an advantage to working out over the massage.  When you exercise, you work the entire body not just your hair.  

Yes, exercising does, take a lot more effort.  But the gratification and satisfaction of losing weight, while toning and sculpting your body is an exhilarating feeling.

Take Time Out for Exercising

You don’t have to go to gym to exercise.  You can start with a 15-minute brisk walk around the block or on your lunch break.  You can go out dancing or join a cardio class of any type.  Remember any moderate to high level cardio workout in the form of brisk walking, running, cycling, dance, is good for hair and body.

Sweat It Out – For Good Health

Last, but not least, another key factor when you exercise, you are attaining and sustaining good health.  When we exercise, we sweat.  Toxins and waste are flushed out from the skin pores when you sweat.  You need to replace what is flushed out with good ‘old H2o.  Replacing the bad toxins with the good in water makes a complete system.

Working Out Equals Healthier Hair - LaTanya Settles Fit for LifeSo, to my point, yes, I do firmly believe that “Exercising Does a Body & Hair Good.”

Don’t forget you can rock whatever you want to and know you are looking good, from head to toe “hair, nails, and makeup.  Finding balance is something I try daily to strive for, and through exercise I am finding balance–mind, body and soul.  Everything is on point.

Latanya Settles is a personal and group fitness expert in Columbus, Ohio.

For more information on LaTanya’s personal training or fitness classes, call 614-419-0067.