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Using Technology to Grow Your Salon Business

A must-read for small business owners

This book is ideal for entrepreneurs with limited technical skills and social media experience, but can also benefit advanced users. Learn best practices for Using Technology Grow Salon business using practical tips.

Using Technology to Grow Your Salon Business

The right tools

We share the proven tools that boost your exposure to new clients. Our paperback will teach you common mistakes to avoid so you can save time and headaches.

If you want to grow your salon, this book is a must.  You’ll find a glossary of helpful terms at the end to help make social media and technology easier to understand and navigate.

Reach more clients

Being visible to potential clients is key to growing your business. Otherwise, new clients won’t know you exist.  Our book will teach you how to maximize your exposure on multiple platforms and mobile devices.


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Using Technology Grow Salon

Growing your salon using technology is the easiest and most affordable way to grow your business.