Who’s Minding Your Brand?

I recieved a frantic call the other day from a hair stylist.  She had found her salon listed in the BestDooz Salon Directory while searching for her name on Google.com.  To her surprise, her listing at BestDooz appeared on the first page of the search results.  Unfortunately, the information provided was incorrect.  I commended her for taking steps to verify she could be found online and assured her that the edits were an easy fix.  Within minutes, I had made the proper name and location changes and even added a few more recent photos of her work.  Now her permanent link on the search engine results would properly reflect her brand.

Access custom marketing tools
Access custom marketing tools

Even if you’re not very tech saavy, chances are your potential clients are.  To attract them, you want to be visible in the search engine results where they are.  If you haven’t run a search for your salon or barbershop online, you could be in for a surprise.  The first few pages of search results, generate the most traffic. Go ahead, search your name, or try searching, “find a black hair salon near me”.  Are you there?  Is your information correct?

Can Clients Find You?

How to Get Noticed Online

If you don’t appear in the first few pages of the search results, there are a few things you can do to start getting more search engine traffic.

1.  Post often to social media.  Commit to submit photos of your work at least weekly.  Leave positive comments on others’ posts, and share posts relevant to your followers.  Make sure your pages are public or no one will ever see them.

2.  Be consistent with your branding.  Make sure your name and social media handles are consistent so viewers begin to recognize it across social media.

3.  Add your listing to the BestDooz Salon Directory.  Your annual listing includes indexing in the major search engines and promotion of your work across social media and in our mobile app.