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The Ebook Every Stylist Needs to Read

By Darlene Alexander

Ensuring Healthy Hair for Your Clients

What defines beautiful, healthy hair? 

My opinion is it’s natural, virgin hair.  Don't get me wrong, I admire the different shades of hair color, the weaves, permanent waves, etc.  I'm right there extending compliments to my fellow stylist on a job well done. However, over time these chemical treatments can take a toll on a person's health and their hair. Weathering is a structural breakdown that occurs in the hair shaft.  Imagine what happens when you leave patio furniture in the elements. The elements begin to breakdown the outer layers, the paint fades and then you notice rust. When we use permanent waves, bleaching, even simple tasks as combing and brushing, as well as exposure to environmental toxins can cause the hair to enter into the weathering process.

As a stylist you're not only providing a service to your client, but you're going beyond the scope of just styling their hair. You're providing advice on what type of products they should use in between their regular salon visits, possibly even nutritional tips, which includes advice on vitamins and supplements they should be taking to maintain the health of their hair. Read on...

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Hair Relaxers: Debunking the Myth 

Straight Hair, No-Lye?

Hair relaxing became very popular in the 80’s, after people realized the jheri curl couldn’t give them versatility and was too greasy.  No lye relaxers were formulated due to the complaints of burning from women who were getting relaxer services at a hair salon. No lye relaxers were presented as a gentler/milder form of relaxer without the lye.  Women happily grabbed boxes of relaxer and applied their chemicals at home to save money, and for convenience. When their hair became dry, brittle, and began to shed, they couldn’t understand why their hair didn’t look like the model’s on the boxes.


What Causes Dry, Brittle Hair

The reason: No-lye relaxers come in two forms, calcium hydroxide and lithium hydroxide. (CaOH is the chemical formula for calcium hydroxide.) The OH at the end of this compound is actually the base/lye component. The calcium causes deposits on the hair, causing it to become dry and brittle. Hair consists of three layers.  A relaxer penetrates to the second layer of the hair to break polypeptide (protein) bonds. The cuticle (first layer of the hair) remains open if the relaxer is just rinsed and neutralized after processing. (This is what causes splitting, shedding, and breakage.)     Read more...

Finding a Black Hair Salon You Can Trust

Finding a Trusty Black Hair Stylist 

We've all felt the anxiety and panic of booking with an unfamiliar hair salon or barbershop.  You don't want to end up with the worst haircut ever or a hair color disaster.  Finding a new hair stylist or barber can be a frustrating experience.  If you've ever relocated to a new city, or been out of town and needed a hair stylist or barber, you know what we mean. How can you find a hair salon or  barber shop you can trust with your tresses? Here's 3 tips to help you find a licensed Black hair stylist  or barber on  the go

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Carrington Bure

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Why Hypoallergenic Matters in Hair Care

By Darlene Alexander

Why Hypoallergenic Matters in Hair CareWomen want to promote healthy hair, and feel they can do so from using the right natural hair products. However, some women maybe allergic to certain natural ingredients found in several hair products that are on the market today. Some of the reactions can include headaches, dizziness, sneezing, rashes, etc. However, when there’s a will there’s a way right? There’s a way to minimize chances of an allergic reaction from using natural hair products. Hair products that are hypoallergenic can provide the solution. However, what is hypoallergenic?  Read on...