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3 Big Mistakes Most Stylists Make

3 Big Mistakes Most Stylists Make

You love what you do and really take pride in transforming each client’s look.  You have aspirations to really make a name for yourself in the beauty industry.  Someday, you want people to know your name and recognize your work.  So, what’s holding you back? Read on to find out.

Hair Relaxers: Debunking the Myth

Straight Hair, No-Lye?

Hair relaxing became very popular in the 80’s, after people realized the jheri curl couldn’t give them versatility and was too greasy.  No lye relaxers were formulated due to the complaints of burning from women who were getting relaxer services. No lye relaxers were presented as a gentler/milder form of relaxer without the lye.  Women happily grabbed boxes of relaxer and applied their chemicals at home to save money, and for convenience. When their hair became dry, brittle, and began to shed, they couldn’t understand why their hair didn’t look like the model’s on the boxes.



What Causes Dry, Brittle Hair

The reason: No-lye relaxers come in two forms, calcium hydroxide and lithium hydroxide. (CaOH is the chemical formula for calcium hydroxide.) The OH at the end of this compound is actually the base/lye component. The calcium causes deposits on the hair, causing it to become dry and brittle. Hair consists of three layers.  A relaxer penetrates to the second layer of the hair to break polypeptide (protein) bonds. The cuticle (first layer of the hair) remains open if the relaxer is just rinsed and neutralized after processing. (This is what causes splitting, shedding, and breakage.)     Read more...

Treats your hair will love all year, Tips for Healthy Hair from BestDooz

Treats Your Hair will Love

BestDooz loves your hair, however you choose to wear it.   Whether it's a romantic dinner, flowers or a box of chocolate, Valentine's Day is for celebrating love.

Here's some treats your ethnic hair will love...all year.  

Finding a new Black hair stylist or barber doesn't have to be a frustrating experience

Finding a Black Hair Salon You Can Trust

We've all felt the anxiety and panic of booking with an unfamiliar hair salon or barbershop. Finding a new hair stylist or barber can be a frustrating experience--especially if you need a natural hair salon. If you've ever relocated to a new city, or been out of town and needed a stylist or barber, you know what we mean.

How can you find a salon or shop you can trust with your tresses? Here's 3 tips to help you find a licensed Black hair stylist  or barber on the go.

Why is Ethnic Hair Different?

Black hair, obviously, is defined as hair that belongs to African American people. Black hair comes in a variety of types and textures, with varying degrees of coil and courseness.  The various textures and coils of ethnic hair require special treatment and care to prevent dryness and breakage.  This has turned into a billion dollar industry that produces ethnic hair care products specifically for Black hair types.  

Natural Black hairstyles have been popular for 100 years.  Many other cultures and ethnicities now imitate Black hairstyles and they are more mainstream than ever.  Check out the latest Black hairstyles here at

Popular Black Hairstyles

Many popular Black hairstyles have come and gone through the years, as fads change. Natural Black hairstyles have been popular for 100 years  The latest Black natural hairstyles include braids (corn rows), dreadlocks (locs), the afro, and the fade. Many African Americans also choose to wear custom wigs, partial weaves (sewin), and extensions.  Of course, it is still popular to straighten Black hair with chemical relaxers or straightening tools like flat irons and blow dryers. Shorter haircuts have become popular amongst men and women in recent years. 

Love Your Hair!

However you wear your hair, BestDooz celebrates your style!  From natural hairstyles, to relaxers, locs, sewins and weaves.  You can find the best Black hairstyles here.  Browse the Black hairstyles and haircuts from other members and check out the latest selfies from our mobile app.  

Check out Our Featured Black Hair Stylists, Barbers and Salons

What has been the most frustrating part of transitioning to natural hair? Share your hair woes & wonders in the Black Hair Beauty Forum. Share, learn, and connect with other naturalistas. 
Our spotlight this week is on the natural hair salon, Natural Hair by Nerissa in Portsmouth, VA.  Nerissa is also one of our Brand Ambassadors.  She specializes in ALL THINGS NATURAL HAIR
Natural Hair by Nerissa
Schedule your free next appointment with Natural Hair by Nerissa today.
Check out our gallery of fan selfies in the BestDooz Mobile app!  Upload Your Pics and share your favorite style like Ravensbarber!

The Best Hairstylists and Barbers by


We bring together all the best natural hair & ethnic beauty resources in one mobile app.   Stay up on the latest styles and trending hair topics from Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter.  
Brittany HairEssence Oliver-Burgest
Brittany HairEssence Oliver from Statesboro, GA!  Follow here on Instagram @Missbeautiful_13
Check out more great hairstyles and stylists at!


 Share your hair woes and wonders in the Beauty Forum.  Share, learn, and connect with other naturalistas.  Find the latest tips, advice and techniques for transitioning.  


Our Pic of the Week is from BestDooz Mobile user @_krenee, a great hairstylist in Houston, TX. 

BestDooz Pic of The Week

Upload and share your favorite hairstyles in the BestDooz Mobile app for a chance to be featured next!

Featured Contributor:  Darlene Alexander

Feeling Good Outside and In

In today's society, wigs have become fashionable and popular.  There are a wide variety of brands, styles and colors to fit one’s facial features and complexion.  However, let’s not forget celebrities are designing their own brands and making a fashion statement; which further increases the popularity of wigs.

In the past wigs carried a stigma; you wore a wig if you had hair loss.  This is further from the truth.  There are many people who wear wigs to change their style.  So instead of changing their own hair color, they purchase a wig with the color or highlights they desire.  Due to allergic reactions to chemicals, some individuals cannot color or obtain a permanent wave so they wear a wig to reflect these chemical changes.  Read on...

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Never Give Up, Stay Faithful, Hungry and Learn What WORKS!

In 1999, I wondered if I would ever realize the “American Dream” of business ownership, control of my own destiny, and real financial security. I know I'm not alone. There are many ambitious, hard-working people with a similar dream, but who don’t have a lot of money to invest in starting their business, much less marketing and growing it. Read more...

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