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How SMART are Your Goals?

We all have goals and dreams.  But how SMART are they?  Setting SMART goals for your business is key.  First of all, goals keep you focused on what’s most important.  Therefore, the more you can define a goal, the easier it will be to follow and achieve.  If your goal is to grow your salon business, for example, there are a few questions you should ask yourself BEFORE setting goals.

Who will be accountable for the goal?  If your goals will involve other people, you should clearly define your expectations for their role.  Setting SMART goals helps make sure everyone has a clear vision and focus.

What steps are necessary to get the results I want? If you have lofty goals, getting from point A to B can seem overwhelming.  If you break your goal in to manageable parts, it is easier to manage and focus one by one until the end result is achieved.

When should I expect to complete this goal? Tomorrow never ever comes, so it is important to give a specific date or timeline for completion of your goal and hold yourself to it.

Where will the progress of this goal be measured or recorded? It is so important to measure and track your success based on the timeline you set.  At the halfway point, you should be nearly there.  If you’re not, its a great time to re-evaluate your strategy and assess where you got off track.

How will I achieve this goal? Holding yourself accountable for achievement and being adapatable to change may be necessary along the way.

Setting SMART Goals for Your Salon Business

A well-defined (or S.M.A.R.T.) goal can help you reach your intented result on target or ahead of schedule.

A SMART goal should be:

Finally, it is important to write your goals down and post them where they remain visible.  Your posted goals act as a constant reminder of what is most important.  Keeping your goals in front of you will also act as a reminder to monitor and measure your success along the way.

Setting SMART goals for Social Media

You’re probably already using social media to drum up more business–showcasing your work in photos and videos, but how many people even see your posts, let alone become paying clients?

Are you even reaching the people who need you most?

“If you post on Instagram about a special for vacancies next Thursday in Mississippi, does it really matter if you get 1,500 likes from users on the west coast?“

Truth is, probably not. If your goal is to attract new clients, they are more likely going to come from nearby.  Having a clear social media strategy will help you better attract ideal clients.

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